[Gluster-devel] Glusto Happenings

Jonathan Holloway jholloway at redhat.com
Mon Sep 17 07:27:45 UTC 2018

Hi Gluster-devel,

It's been awhile, since we updated gluster-devel on things related to

The big thing in the works for Glusto is Python3 compatibility.
A port is in progress, and the target is October to have a branch ready for
testing. Look for another update here when that is available.

Thanks to Vijay Avuthu for testing a change to the Python2 version of
Carteplex (the cartesian product module in Glusto that drives the runs_on
decorator used in Gluster tests). Tests inheriting from GlusterBaseClass
have been using im_func to make calls against the base class setUp method.
This change allows the use of super() as well as im_func.

On a related note, the syntax for both im_func and super() changes in
Python3. The "Developer Guide for Tests and Libraries" section of the
glusterfs/glusto-tests docs currently shows
"GlusterBaseClass.setUp.im_func(self)", but will be updated with the
preferred call for Python3.

And lastly, you might have seen an issue with tests under Python2 where a
run kicked off via py.test or /usr/bin/glusto would immediately fail with a
message indicating gcc needs to be installed. The problem was specific to a
recent update of PyTest and scandir, and the original workaround was to
install gcc or a previous version of pytest and scandir. The scandir
maintainer fixed the issue upstream with scandir 1.9.0 (available in PyPI).

That's all for now.

Jonathan (loadtheacc)
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