[Gluster-devel] Proposal to change Gerrit -> Bugzilla updates

Nigel Babu nigelb at redhat.com
Mon Sep 10 12:37:52 UTC 2018

Hello folks,

We now have review.gluster.org as an external tracker on Bugzilla. Our
current automation when there is a bugzilla attached to a patch is as

1. When a new patchset has "Fixes: bz#1234" or "Updates: bz#1234", we will
post a comment to the bug with a link to the patch and change the status to
POST. 2. When the patchset is merged, if the commit said "Fixes", we move
the status to MODIFIED.

I'd like to propose the following improvements:
1. Add the Gerrit URL as an external tracker to the bug.
2. When a patch is merged, only change state of the bug if needed. If there
is no state change, do not add an additional message. The external tracker
state should change reflecting the state of the review.
3. Assign the bug to the committer. This has edge cases, but it's best to
at least handle the easy ones and then figure out edge cases later. The
experience is going to be better than what it is right now.

Please provide feedback/comments by end of day Friday. I plan to add this
activity to the next Infra team sprint that starts on Monday (Sep 17).

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