[Gluster-devel] Transfer file into WORM-State after FOP finished successfully

David Spisla spisla80 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 15:03:14 UTC 2018

Hello folks,

I am implementing some stuff with the WORM Xlator and I have the idea to
transfer a file into the WORM state immediately after a FOP finished
successfully. Example

$ echo test >> test1.txt

After the FOP finished the file should be automatically WORMed. But I would
like to have an individual retention for each file, so I don't want to use
Volume Level WORM function.
At the moment autocommit is triggered after a specific period and the
current FOP (e.g. write) would be blocked, but I want it to be my file
WORMed immediately after the FOP (e.g. write) finished.

Maybe some of you have an idea. It should be possible to get the
information about the success of an FOP in one of cbk functions e.g if a
file is created and worm-file-level enabled, create_cbk sets the xattr
trusted.worm-file trusted.start_time for the file. So this should be
possible after a write FOP succeed?

David Spisla
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