[Gluster-devel] Release 6: Kick off!

Shyam Ranganathan srangana at redhat.com
Tue Nov 6 16:34:40 UTC 2018


With release-5 out of the door, it is time to start some activities for

## Scope
It is time to collect and determine scope for the release, so as usual,
please send in features/enhancements that you are working towards
reaching maturity for this release to the devel list, and mark/open the
github issue with the required milestone [1].

At a broader scale, in the maintainers meeting we discussed the
enhancement wish list as in [2].

Other than the above, we are continuing with our quality focus and would
want to see a downward trend (or near-zero) in the following areas,
- Coverity
- clang

We would also like to tighten our nightly testing health, and would
ideally not want to have tests retry and pass in the second attempt on
the testing runs. Towards this, we would send in reports of retried and
failed tests, that need attention and fixes as required.

## Schedule
NOTE: Schedule is going to get heavily impacted due to end of the year
holidays, but we will try to keep it up as much as possible.

Working backwards on the schedule, here's what we have:
- Announcement: Week of Feb 4th, 2019
- GA tagging: Feb-01-2019
- RC1: On demand before GA
- RC0: Jan-02-2019
- Late features cut-off: Week of Dec-24th, 2018
- Branching (feature cutoff date): Dec-17-2018
  (~45 days prior to branching)
- Feature/scope proposal for the release (end date): Nov-21-2018

## Volunteers
This is my usual call for volunteers to run the release with me or
otherwise, but please do consider. We need more hands this time, and
possibly some time sharing during the end of the year owing to the holidays.


[1] Release-6 github milestone:

[2] Release-6 enhancement wishlist:

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