[Gluster-devel] Whats latest on Glusto + GD2 integration?

Rahul Hinduja rhinduja at redhat.com
Sun Nov 4 14:30:00 UTC 2018


Over past few weeks, few folks are engaged in integrating gd2 with existing
glusto infrastructure/cases. This email is an attempt to provide the high
level view of the work that's done so far and next.

*Whats Done.*

   - Libraries incorporated / under review:
      - Gluster Base Class and setup.py file required to read config file
      and install all the packages
      - Exception and lib-utils file required for all basic test cases
      - Common rest methods(Post, Get,  Delete), to handle rest api’s
      - Peer management libraries
      - Basic Volume management libraries
      - Basic Snapshot libraries
      - Self-heal libraries
      - Glusterd init
      - Mount operations
      - Device operations

*Note:* I request you all to provide review comments on the libraries that
are submitted. Over this week, Akarsha and Vaibhavi will try to get the
review comments incorporated and to get these libraries to closure.

   - Where is the repo?

        [1] https://review.gluster.org/#/q/project:glusto-libs

   - Are we able to consume gd1 cases into gd2?
      - We tried POC to run glusterd and snapshot test cases (one-by-one)
      via modified automation and libraries. Following are the highlights:
         - We were able to run 20 gd1 cases out of which 8 passed and 12
         - We were able to run 11 snapshot cases out of which 7 passed and
         4 failed.
      - Reason for failures:
         - Because of different volume options with gd1/gd2
         - Due to different error or output format between gd1/gd2
         - For more detail which test cases is passed or failed and reasons
         for the failures [2]
            - [2]

*What's next?*

   - We have identified few gaps when we triggered glusterd and snapshot
   cases. Details in column C of  [2]. We are in the process of closing those
   gaps so that we don't have to hard-code or skip any functions in the test
   - Develop additional/Modify existing libraries for the cases which got
   - Need to check on the volume options and error message or output
   format. This is being brought up in gd2 standup to freeze on the parity and
   rework at functional code level or automation code level.
   - I am aiming to provide the bi-weekly report on this integration work
   to the mailing list.

*For more information/collaboration, please reach-out to:*

   - Shrivaibavi Raghaventhiran (sraghave at redhat.com)
   - Akarsha Rai (akrai at redhat.com)
   - Rahul Hinduja (rhinduja at redhat.com)

Rahul Hinduja
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