[Gluster-devel] include-what-you-use run on Gluster

Yaniv Kaul ykaul at redhat.com
Tue Dec 25 07:53:43 UTC 2018

I'm not sure I'm using it correctly and I'm having trouble compiling it
from source on my F29 machine, but include-what-you-use (
https://include-what-you-use.org ) allows you to easily analyze your
include statements and ensure accuracy. I believe it has found some issues
in our code - I certainly could remove some unneeded includes - but I'm
unsure if I need to follow all of its advises to make things work,
otherwise something will surely break.

Attached please find the full analysis - hope it's useful for someone. I
believe once we figure out how to use it properly, it can be a good tool -
will probably reduce compile time in a negligible way too.

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