[Gluster-devel] Glusterfs v4.1.1 issue encountered while executing test case ./tests/basic/namespace.t

Abhay Singh abhays at us.ibm.com
Mon Aug 13 09:36:11 UTC 2018

I am working on Glusterfs v4.1.1 for Ubuntu 16.04 on big endian 
architecture. After successful build and running the test cases, I 
encountered a test case failure. The test case is:-
·       ./tests/basic/namespace.t

In the test case ./tests/basic/namespace.t, a NAMESPACE_HASH is generated 
after  calling  a SuperFastHash() function on the corresponding folder 
names. This hash differs on big endian  and little endian architectures. 
Therefore, I have changed the code accordingly. Although there is another 
subtest in this test which fails with the following error:-
TEST 30 (line 119): Y check_samples CREATE 1268089390 /namespace3/file 
getfattr: /d/backends/patchy0/namespace3/file: No such file or directory

As seen above, the error is occurring because the folder 
/d/backends/patchy0/namespace3/ doesn’t contain “file”. However, I 
resolved this subtest by changing the folder to 
/d/backends/patchy6/namespace3/ where “file” is actually present. 
But same is not the case for little endian architectures where the test 
case passes without any changes. 
The type of filesystem /d/backends is “ext4” and there is enough space 
allocated to the directory.
Therefore, could you please provide me with some more insight as to why is 
this happening?

Thanks and Regards,
Abhay Singh

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