[Gluster-devel] Are there daemons directly talking to arbiter bricks?

Ravishankar N ravishankar at redhat.com
Thu Aug 9 06:37:04 UTC 2018


Arbiter brick does not store any data and fails any readv requests wound 
to it with a log message.  Any client talking to the bricks via AFR is 
safe because AFR takes care of not winding down any readv to arbiter bricks.
But we have other daemons like bitd and scrubd talk directly to bricks. 
This is causing flooding of brick logs when bitrot is enabled in arbiter 
volumes as listed in [1].

While we need to fix the volfile in these daemons to not talk to the 
arbiter bricks, I wanted to know if there are other daemons existing in 
gluster that directly talk to brick processes which would need similar 


[1] https://github.com/gluster/glusterd2/issues/1089
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