[Gluster-devel] [RFC] Automatic discovery of Gluster Storage Servers

Niels de Vos ndevos at redhat.com
Tue Sep 5 14:17:20 UTC 2017

At one point I would like to be able to install Gluster Storage Servers
and have them automatically detected. I'd like to be able to place them
in a Trusted Storage Pool after detection (peer probe). For this, I
started a gluster-zeroconf project on GitHub [1]. It currently is in a
proof-of-concept state, and I would like to have some feedback if this
approach is useable for others than me.

The current functionality is like this:

- install gluster-zeroconf-avahi on a number of storage servers
- install python2-gluster-zeroconf on at least one of the storage
- run `gluster-discovery` from the python2-gluster-zeroconf package
- all discovered storage servers will be listed
- run `gluster-discovery probe` to peer probe all discovered servers

A few more details are in the README at [2].

Future enhancements could include:

- plugin for GlusterD 2
- detection of unused local disks (spare bricks)
- register newly detected systems at Heketi

Feedback much appreciated!

1. https://github.com/nixpanic/gluster-zeroconf
2. https://github.com/nixpanic/gluster-zeroconf/blob/master/README.md
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