[Gluster-devel] New coding standard

Jeff Darcy jeff at pl.atyp.us
Mon Oct 16 14:00:47 UTC 2017

As of a few minutes ago, there's a new coding standard.  You can view it

(or equivalent in your own updated source tree)

In some ways it's more liberal than before - e.g. declarations are no
longer limited to the top of the function.  However, most of the changes
provide clearer guidance on issues that have caused us real problems
before and could cause *you* some headaches in the future.  If you write
Gluster code, it's worth a look.

It's possible that following the new standard rather than the old might
still cause code to get flagged by our automated style checker.  If you
find such a case, please mention it here so we can fix it.

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