[Gluster-devel] Note on github issue updates from gluster-ant

Shyam Ranganathan srangana at redhat.com
Wed Oct 11 14:22:41 UTC 2017


Currently, when a new change is posted referencing a github issue, an 
automated message is posted on the issue by gluster-ant. Further, if the 
patch is refreshed for any reason, another message with the same content 
is posted on the issue by gluster-ant.

The above causes noise, and also repetitive information posting on the 
issue. The one advantage is that it also notifies folks when a patch is 
refreshed, but gerrit already does that.

To reduce noise, and also to keep the issue content cleaner, we have 
done away with duplicate posting that was occurring till now.

 From here on, an issue will *only* get a single notification for any 
change that is posted referencing it. When the change gets merged there 
will be another (automatic from github itself) posting stating that a 
change is merged that references this issue.

For interested folks the code that does all of this is here [1]. Changes 
and suggestions welcome!


[1] Issue update script: 

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