[Gluster-devel] String manipulation

Xavi Hernandez jahernan at redhat.com
Thu Nov 2 10:05:43 UTC 2017

Hi all,

Several times I've seen issues with the way strings are handled in many
parts of the code. Sometimes it's because of an incorrect use of some
functions, like strncat(). Others it's because of a lack of error
conditions check. Others it's a failure in allocating the right amount of
memory, or even creating a big array in the stack.

Maybe we should create a set of library functions to work with strings to
hide all these details and make it easier (and less error prone) to
manipulate strings. I've something already written some time ago that I can
adapt to gluster.

On top of that we could expand it by adding path manipulation functions and
string parsing features.

Do you think it's worth it ?

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