[Gluster-devel] [Need Feedback] Monitoring

Amar Tumballi atumball at redhat.com
Tue Jun 13 15:14:21 UTC 2017


Please update the github issue [1], with what are the metrics you need to
see periodically. These may be metrics which helps you to understand the
health of the process, or the counters which gives insight into things to
monitor bottlenecks.

I know there exists 'statedump' feature already. It provides some
information, but it also does provide more than required info like dump of
all inode table entries etc. What I am looking here is more of metrics
based on which, we can get a timebased graph.

A simple example would be what is the number of malloc/free we have done
till now, and what is the total 'in-use' buffers (like you have info in
mem-pool), so you can see depending on work load how the memory usage
varies. A sample implementation i have looks like this [2].

Feel free to ask questions, add pointers, and suggestions. This is not
about the tool for plotting graph, more of what should get in the graph.


[1] - https://github.com/gluster/glusterfs/issues/168
[2] - https://review.gluster.org/17540/

Amar Tumballi (amarts)
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