[Gluster-devel] Performance experiments with io-stats translator

Krutika Dhananjay kdhananj at redhat.com
Tue Jun 6 11:35:28 UTC 2017


As part of identifying performance bottlenecks within gluster stack for VM
image store use-case, I loaded io-stats at multiple points on the client
and brick stack and ran randrd test using fio from within the hosted vms in

Before I get to the results, a little bit about the configuration ...

3 node cluster; 1x3 plain replicate volume with group virt settings,
3 FUSE clients, one per node in the cluster (which implies reads are served
from the replica that is local to the client).

io-stats was loaded at the following places:
On the client stack: Above client-io-threads and above protocol/client-0
(the first child of AFR).
On the brick stack: Below protocol/server, above and below io-threads and
just above storage/posix.

Based on a 60-second run of randrd test and subsequent analysis of the
stats dumped by the individual io-stats instances, the following is what I

*​​Translator Position*                       *Avg Latency of READ fop as
seen by this translator*

1. parent of client-io-threads                1666us

∆ (1,2) = 50us

2. parent of protocol/client-0                1616us

∆ (2,3) = 1453us

----------------- end of client stack ---------------------
----------------- beginning of brick stack -----------

3. child of protocol/server                   163us

∆ (3,4) = 7us

4. parent of io-threads                        156us

∆ (4,5) = 20us

5. child-of-io-threads                          136us

∆ (5,6) = 11us

6. parent of storage/posix                   125us
---------------- end of brick stack ------------------------

So it seems like the biggest bottleneck here is a combination of the
network + epoll, rpc layer?
I must admit I am no expert with networks, but I'm assuming if the client
is reading from the local brick, then
even latency contribution from the actual network won't be much, in which
case bulk of the latency is coming from epoll, rpc layer, etc at both
client and brick end? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

I will, of course, do some more runs and confirm if the pattern is

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