[Gluster-devel] IMP: Release 3.10: RC1 Pending bugs (Need fixes by 21st Feb)

Jeff Darcy jdarcy at redhat.com
Tue Feb 21 12:45:23 UTC 2017

> >   2) Bug 1421590 - Bricks take up new ports upon volume restart after
> > add-brick op with brick mux enabled
> >     - Status: *Atin/Samikshan/Jeff*, any update on this?
> >       - Can we document this as a known issue? What would be the way to
> > get volume to use the older ports (a glusterd restart?)?

That would work, but is clearly less than ideal.
> Patch under review for master. Atin/Samikshan are we going to wait for
> this be backported? The last update was we need not consider this a
> blocker for the release, does that still hold?

I can review/backport this today, despite being on vacation (we're all
giving our legs a day off).  Does that help?

> >   4) Bug 1422769 - brick process crashes when glusterd is restarted
> Atin/Samikshan, thoughts on this?

Very slight possibility this was an after-effect of 1421721, which is
fixed.  Hard to tell, though, since I was never able to reproduce it
on my systems.

> >   5) Bug 1422781 - Transport endpoint not connected error seen on client
> > when glusterd is restarted
> >     - Status: Repro not clean across setups, still debugging the problem
> Atin/Samikshan, were we able to narrow this down, post attempts to
> reproduce it?

Still trying to figure out why this won't reproduce using the cluster.rc
stuff.  There seemed to be some possibility that it was related to the
amount of I/O that was active while GlusterD was restarted, or to things
being in containers, but haven't heard back from Atin.

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