[Gluster-devel] IMP: Release 3.10: RC1 Pending bugs (Need fixes by 21st Feb)

Shyam srangana at redhat.com
Mon Feb 20 02:55:41 UTC 2017


RC1 tagging is *tentatively* scheduled for 21st Feb, 2017

The intention is that RC1 becomes the release, hence we would like to 
chase down all blocker bugs [1] and get them fixed before RC1 is tagged.

This mail requests information on the various bugs and to understand if 
it is possible to get them fixed done by the 21st.

Bugs pending for RC1 tagging:
   1) Bug 1415226 - packaging: python/python2(/python3) cleanup
     - Status: Review awaiting verification and a backport
     - master bug: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1414902
       - Review: https://review.gluster.org/#/c/16649/
     - *Niels*, I was not able verify this over the weekend, there is a 
*chance* I can do this tomorrow. Do you have alternate plans to get this 

   2) Bug 1421590 - Bricks take up new ports upon volume restart after 
add-brick op with brick mux enabled
     - Status: *Atin/Samikshan/Jeff*, any update on this?
       - Can we document this as a known issue? What would be the way to 
get volume to use the older ports (a glusterd restart?)?

   3) Bug 1421956 - Disperse: Fallback to pre-compiled code execution 
when dynamic code generation fails
     - Status: Awaiting review closure
     - *Pranith/Ashish*, request one of you to close the review on this 
one, so that Xavi can backport this to 3.10
     - master bug: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1421955
       - Review: https://review.gluster.org/16614

   4) Bug 1422769 - brick process crashes when glusterd is restarted
     - Status: As per comment #6, the test case that Jeff developed for 
this is not reporting a crash
     - *Atin*, should we defer this form the blocker list for 3.10? Can 
you take a look at the test case as well?
       - Tet case: https://review.gluster.org/#/c/16651/

   5) Bug 1422781 - Transport endpoint not connected error seen on 
client when glusterd is restarted
     - Status: Repro not clean across setups, still debugging the problem
     - *Atin*, we may need someone from your team to take this up and 
narrow this down to a fix or determine if this is really a blocker

   6) Bug 1423385 - Crash in index xlator because of race in 
inode_ctx_set and inode_ref
     - Status: Review posted for master, awaiting review closure
       - *Du/Pranith*, please close the review of the above
     - Review: https://review.gluster.org/16622
     - master bug: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1423373
     - Related note: I was facing the same crash on the client stack as 
mentioned in bug #1423065, cherry picking this fix and rerunning my 
tests does not reproduce the crash (as was suggested by Ravi and Poornima).


[1] 3.10 tracker bug: 

[2] Dynamic tracker list: 

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