[Gluster-devel] Release 3.12: Glusto run status

Shyam Ranganathan srangana at redhat.com
Fri Aug 25 20:29:30 UTC 2017

Nigel was kind enough to kick off a glusto run on 3.12 head a couple of 
days back. The status can be seen here [1].

The run failed, but managed to get past what Glusto does on master (see 
[2]). Not that this is a consolation, but just stating the fact.

The run [1] failed at,

The test case failed due to,
17:10:28 E       AssertionError: ('Volume %s : All process are not 
online', 'testvol_dispersed')

The test case can be seen here [3], and the reason for failure is that 
Glusto did not wait long enough for the down brick to come up (it waited 
for 10 seconds, but the brick came up after 12 seconds or within the 
same second as the test for it being up. The log snippets pointing to 
this problem are here [4]. In short there was no real bug or issue that 
caused the failure as yet.

Glusto as a gating factor for this release was desirable, but having got 
this far on 3.12 does help.

@nigel, we could try post increasing the timeout between bringing the 
brick up to checking if it is up, and try another run, let me know if 
that works, and what is needed from me to get this going.


[1] Glusto 3.12 run: 

[2] Glusto on master: 

[3] Failed test case: 

[4] Log analysis pointing to the failed check: 

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