[Gluster-devel] [Heketi] Mailing list

Luis Pabón lpabon at redhat.com
Tue Sep 20 21:30:01 UTC 2016

You are completely correct Jeff.  We will move to a Google Group email list.
I have updated Heketi site with the new information:


We will update gluster-devel when we continue working together, for example,
on iSCSI and similar projects.

Thanks all,

- Luis

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> Hi gluster-devel,
>   At the Heketi project, we wanted to get better communication with the
> GlusterFS community.  We are a young project and didn't have our own
> mailing list, so we asked if we could also be part gluster-devel mailing
> list.  The plan is to Heketi specific emails to gluster-devel using the
> subject tag '[Heketi]'.  This is what is done in OpenStack, where they
> all share the same mailing list, and use the subject line tag for
> separate projects.
>   I consider this a pilot, nothing is set in stone, but I wanted to ask
> your opinion in the matter.

Personally, I'd rather see Heketi get its own mailing list(s) forthwith.
While it's fine for things that affect both projects to be crossposted,
putting general (potentially non-Gluster-related) Heketi traffic on a
Gluster mailing list has the following effects.

 * Gluster developers who have some interest in Heketi will have to
   "manually filter" which Heketi messages are actually relevant.

 * Gluster developers who have *no* interest in Heketi (yes, they
   exist) will have to set up more automatic filters.

 * Non-Gluster developers who want to follow Heketi will have to
   join a Gluster mailing list which has lots of stuff they couldn't
   care less about.

 * Searching for Heketi-related email gets weird, with lots of false
   positives on "Gluster" just because it's on our list.

 * Heketi developers might feel constrained in what they can say about
   Gluster, as compared to what they might say on a Heketi-specific
   list (even if public).

IMO the best place for any project XYZ to have its discussions is on
XYZ's own mailing list(s).

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