[Gluster-devel] Gluster Test Thursday - Release 3.9

Shyam srangana at redhat.com
Thu Oct 27 19:30:24 UTC 2016

Tested the gbench script across 3 volume configurations, dist, 
dist-replicate, dist-ec. All passed. There was no -ve testing that I 
did, so nothing to report on that front.

This test is not on any list, just an additional test that I was able to 
run in my day. It covers smallfile metadata tests and IOZone to a point.

One thing I noticed is that 'glusterd --version' gives the copyright 
till 2013, I would assume we need this changed to 2016, right?

See: https://paste.fedoraproject.org/461986/90184147/

On 10/26/2016 10:34 AM, Aravinda wrote:
> Gluster 3.9.0rc2 tarball is available here
> http://bits.gluster.org/pub/gluster/glusterfs/src/glusterfs-3.9.0rc2.tar.gz
> regards
> Aravinda
> On Tuesday 25 October 2016 04:12 PM, Aravinda wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Since Automated test framework for Gluster is in progress, we need
>> help from Maintainers and developers to test the features and bug
>> fixes to release Gluster 3.9.
>> In last maintainers meeting Shyam shared an idea about having a Test
>> day to accelerate the testing and release.
>> Please participate in testing your component(s) on Oct 27, 2016. We
>> will prepare the rc2 build by tomorrow and share the details before
>> Test day.
>> RC1 Link:
>> http://www.gluster.org/pipermail/maintainers/2016-September/001442.html
>> Release Checklist:
>> https://public.pad.fsfe.org/p/gluster-component-release-checklist
>> Thanks and Regards
>> Aravinda and Pranith
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