[Gluster-devel] [Gluster-Maintainers] Please pause merging patches to 3.9 waiting for just one patch

Sanoj Unnikrishnan sunnikri at redhat.com
Thu Nov 10 18:59:25 UTC 2016

On Thu, Nov 10, 2016 at 9:33 PM, Manikandan Selvaganesh <
manikandancs333 at gmail.com> wrote:

> No problem. As you said , glusterd_quota_limit_usage invokes the function
> which regenerates the conf file. Though I do not remember exactly, to my
> understanding when I tried, it did not work properly in my setup. It is
> apparently because in the later function where we regenerate the quota.conf
> for versions greater than or equal to 3.7, when it is setting a limit or
> ideally when you are resetting a limit, it searches for the gfid on which
> it needs to set/reset the limit and modify only that to 17 bytes leaving
> the remaining ones untouched which again would result in unexpected
> behavior. In the case of enable or disable, the entire file gets newly
> generated. With this patch, we have done that during an upgrade as well.

 The code seems to handles this. The first thing done (before parsing for
gfid) is to bring the conf to 1.2 version in glusterd_store_quota_config.

Even I am not completely sure. Anyways its better to test and confirm the
> fact. I can test the same over the weekend if it's fine.

Ran into an unrelated set up issue at my end while testing this, I Will
test this before noon.

Thanks and Regards,
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