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Thu Nov 3 10:06:19 UTC 2016

On 11/03/2016 12:31 AM, Jonathan Holloway wrote:
> Hi Gluster-Devel,
> At Gluster Developer Summit we talked about some of the things coming up with Gluster-specific libraries/tests using Glusto and Upstream CI.
> Here's a quick summary of some of the work in progress--with more details to come.
> Glustolibs-gluster libraries and test scripts:
> The Red Hat Gluster Storage QE Team has pushed a number of libraries to the glusto-tests repo and is working on docs specific to using those in test scripts.
> An initial test script for build verification has been pushed with the libraries.
> Build verification is broken into three parts.
> Part one (BVT - Build Verification Tests) currently creates a volume, mounts it, and creates some IO on it. More granular tests to be added in the near future.
> Part two (VVT - Volume Verification Tests) essentially runs part one against all volume types.
> Part three (CVT - Component Verification Tests) runs two or three P0 tests for each component.
> The initial test pushed upstream runs Parts one and two.
> Next steps for the near future are to add more documentation, the CVT test scripts, more docs, more granular BVT/VVT tests, docs, and more updates here on gluster-devel.
> Upstream CI:
> The initial BVT/VVT script has been dropped into a Jenkins job and is being tested in the upstream environment.
> I'll leave some of the details for others to fill in, but wanted to put this out there to get the conversation ball rolling.
> Cheers,
> Jonathan (loadtheacc)
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Here are more details about the glusto-tests.

*glusto-tests repo*: git at github.com:gluster/glusto-tests.git
Existing gluster operations related Libraries/Modules:*

  * Volume_ops, Volume_libs: Volume related operations/helpers
  * Brick_ops, Brick_libs: Brick related operations/helpers
  * peer_ops: Peer related operations , helper libs
  * mount_ops: mount related helpers.
  * gluster_init: glusterd related helpers.
  * samba_ops: Samba related helpers.
  * quota_ops: Quota feature related operations/helpers
  * rebalance_ops: Rebalance related operations/helpers
  * tiering_ops: Tiering related operations/helpers
  * snap_ops: Snapshot related operations/helpers
  * bitrot_ops: Bitrot feature related operations/helpers
  * uss_ops: Uss feature related helpers.
  * heal_ops, heal_libs: 'heal command' related
  * lib_utils: Generic helper functions.
  * windows_libs: Windows machine related helper functions.
  * gluster_base_class: module containing a class which defines all the
    variables necessary for test case from Glusto's g.config.

*IO related Libraries/Scripts:*

  * file_dir_ops: Script that provides ways to recursively
    create/rename/list/stat files and dirs. (Works on both linux and
  * fd_writes: opens fd on number of files specified and writes random
    data for the specified time period.


  * Currently there is a single  test case added which tests the Part1,
    Part2 of the BVT.

*What is in near plan:

  * Documentation: HOWTO's, README's etc.
  * Adding more tests (BVT's for few gluster features)
  * Adding IO Scripts to have different workloads.


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