[Gluster-devel] GlusterFS Client doesn't cache the dentry??

Keiviw keiviw at 163.com
Mon Jun 27 01:28:36 UTC 2016

    I have installed GlusterFS in node A,B,C.The node A and B were GlusterFS servers(brick1-4),meanwhile,they were GlusterFS clients for creating files.And the node C didn't exist bricks,it was just a GlusterFS client to mount by "mount -t glusterfs nodeA:/XXX /mnt/glusterfs".
    Here is the question:
    1.In node C, I excuted "time ls /mnt/glusterfs",first time was 10s,the second was 0.3s,it got the dentry from the cache.By "free -m" in node C,it didn't changed at all.So I excuted "free -m" in node A and B, the memory in used has grown.
    2.In other words, the dentry was cached in the server,the client didn't cache the dentry.
    3,How to explain this phenomenon?
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