[Gluster-devel] Changing DISTAF 'global_mode' variable name

shwetha spandura at redhat.com
Tue Jun 21 06:48:19 UTC 2016


Distaf test framework currently uses a variable 'global_mode' which is 
for selecting the mode in which the tests runs.

When 'global_mode' is set to 'True' we run the tests with the config 
file configuration and ignores 'runs_on_volumes', 'runs_on_protocols'.

When 'global_mode' is set to 'False' we use the configs 
"runs_on_volumes" , "runs_on_protocols", reuse_setup as specified in the 
doc_string or run_on_all_vols /run_on_all_protocols/reuse_setup:true if 
doc_string not specified , to automatically loop through all the 
specified configs.

'global_mode' is not self-explanatory on what it does. Hence it would be 
a good idea to change the name to something more appropriate.

It can be changed to 'ignore_auto_configs'. When 'ignore_auto_configs' 
is 'True' we run the tests with config file configurations. When 
'ignore_auto_configs' is set to 'False' we use the configs as specified 
in doc_string.

This is one option. If any one else has more appropriate name to use 
please do suggest.

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