[Gluster-devel] How to enable direct io??

Pranith Kumar Karampuri pkarampu at redhat.com
Tue Jun 21 10:45:53 UTC 2016

There are two things you need to change for o-direct to be handled properly
in gluster stack:

1) gluster volume set <volname> performance.strict-o-direct on
on nfs this option is gluster volume set <volname>
performance.nfs.strict-o-direct on

2) gluster volume set <volname> network.remote-dio off

Please note that we found a bug in o-direct reads which happen sometime,
which is fixed by http://review.gluster.org/14639

Without this patch you may get EINVAL for reads sometimes.


On Fri, Jun 17, 2016 at 7:04 PM, Keiviw <keiviw at 163.com> wrote:

> By "mount -t glusterfs XXXX:/testvol -o direct-io-mode=true
> mountpoint",the GlusterFS client will enable the direct io, and the file
> will not cached in the GlusterFS client,but it won't work in the GlusterFS
> server. By defalut,the GlusterFS will ignore the direct io flag. How to
> make the server work in direct-io-mode??
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