[Gluster-devel] chown: changing ownership of `/build/install/bin/fusermount-glusterfs': Operation not permitted

Niels de Vos ndevos at redhat.com
Wed Jun 8 00:34:21 UTC 2016

On Wed, Jun 08, 2016 at 01:55:23AM +0200, Michael Scherer wrote:
> Le mardi 07 juin 2016 à 23:30 +0200, Niels de Vos a écrit :
> > On Tue, Jun 07, 2016 at 09:08:09PM +0530, Nigel Babu wrote:
> > > Hello,
> > > 
> > > misc and I haven't been trying to debug the regression test failures
> > > without much success. Does anyone know why the build fails with this:
> > > 
> > > chown: changing ownership of `/build/install/bin/fusermount-glusterfs':
> > > Operation not permitted
> > > 
> > > See error log for more context:
> > > https://build.gluster.org/job/rackspace-regression-2GB-triggered/21512/consoleFull
> > 
> > From contrib/fuse-util/Makefile.am:
> > 
> >   install-exec-hook:
> >           -chown root $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/fusermount-glusterfs
> >           chmod u+s $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/fusermount-glusterfs
> I guess we need to add a '-' here.

We could do that, but I think the issue is pretty fatal in case setting
the +s fails. The whole point of fusermount-glusterfs is to allow
mounting as a non-root user (no idea if anyone uses it though, none of
the current testcases does). The "chown" should actually also fail and
give an error...

This error is not fatal for the smoke tests though, so *shrug*.
Successful smoke tests also have this error:

> (I know, I could make a patch, but after last time, I would rather wait
> after the release if there is a non zero risk of me screwing up review)
> > Is /build maybe mounted with nosuid or similar? I do not think it
> > matters for our regression tests.
> No, the script is running as jenkins, rather than root. I would say
> that's a bug if make install assume to be run as root, since rpm do run
> it as a non privileged user.

Oh, right, this is an environment where "make install" does not run as
root to prevent it from installing files in other locations.

Maybe one day we can just drop fusermount-glusterfs altogether and make
sure all non-upstream changes to fusermount have been merged upstream.

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