[Gluster-devel] Query on healing process

ABHISHEK PALIWAL abhishpaliwal at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 10:55:52 UTC 2016


Here, I have one query regarding the time taken by the healing process.
In current two node setup when we rebooted one node then the self-healing
process starts less than 5min interval on the board which resulting the
corruption of the some files data.

And to resolve it I have search on google and found the following link:

Mentioning that the healing process can takes upto 10min of time to start
this process.

Here is the statement from the link:

"Healing replicated volumes

When any brick in a replicated volume goes offline, the glusterd daemons on
the remaining nodes keep track of all the files that are not replicated to
the offline brick. When the offline brick becomes available again, the
cluster initiates a healing process, replicating the updated files to that
brick. *The start of this process can take up to 10 minutes, based on

After giving the time of more than 5 min file corruption problem has been

So, Here my question is there any way through which we can reduce the time
taken by the healing process to start?

Abhishek Paliwal
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