[Gluster-devel] An update on GlusterD-2.0

Kaushal M kshlmster at gmail.com
Thu Jun 25 07:52:58 UTC 2015

> One other design characteristic I can think of is to have GlusterD-2.0
> be able to make best use of Nodes based on the Node topology, not sure
> if this is covered by any other feature below ?
> IOW, admin should be able to provide a hierarchy of how nodes are
> provisioned
> (rack, site, zone, region, geo etc) and glusterd should use this info while
> provisioning bricks for volume creation

The intelligent volume creation support that I mention later is nearly
this, without the additional markers of rack, site etc. For an initial
implementation, all we wanted was a way list available space, without
any special markers, and use this list to create volumes.

The design characteristics I wrote about, are mainly with respect to
how we want the internal frameworks for GlusterD-2.0 to be. These
frameworks will be the ones which will be used to implement other
feature requirements, like volume creation.

> I have 2 things to say here :
> 1) Manila uses GlusterFS SSL auth mode, so is there any discussion happening
> around adding support in GlusterD-2.0 for managing SSL certificates ?
> For eg: Other (eg Netapp) storage arrays do provide basic digital cert mgmt
> support for server and client auth.
> I feel it would be good to have glusterd provide support  to generate,
> install, manage
> self-signed and/or CA signed digital certs.
> This will not just help Manila usecase, but also help GlusterFS provide a
> complete
> solution for digital cert management which will aid the SSL auth support
> feature of GlusterFS
> In fact, this can be done in a modular way where in the default implm will
> be that of GlusterD
> cert module, but optionally one can use openstack Barbican service too as a
> cert mgmt service

This one management feature we need add to out list.

> 2) In the manila community there was some intense discussion on the
> definition of multi-tenancy
> when applied to storage and network level multi-tenancy was voted as being
> very important in
> Manila cloud usecase. Do we have any thoughts on how GlusterD-2.0 /
> GlusterFS-4.0 can
> look at providing tenant separation at network layer ?

This is a goal for GlusterFS-4.0 and should be discussed along with
that. Our main priority for GlusterD-2.0 is to build a good management
framework first and implement the minimum set of functionality
required to manage a cluster. This will be the base for building the
other features of GlusterFS-4.0, like network multi-tenancy.

> thanx,
> deepak

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