[Gluster-devel] Gluster IPv6 bugfixes (Bug 1117886)

Nithin Kumar Dabilpuram nithind1988 at yahoo.in
Wed Jun 17 03:36:54 UTC 2015

Sure Richard. -Nithin 

     On Tuesday, 16 June 2015 1:23 AM, Richard Wareing <rwareing at fb.com> wrote:

 Hey Nithin,
We have IPv6 going as well (v3.4.x & v3.6.x), so I might be able to help out here and perhaps combine our efforts.  We did something similar here, however we also tackled the NFS side of the house, which required a bunch of changes due to how port registration w/ portmapper changed in IPv6 vs IPv4.  You effectively have to use "libtirpc" to do all the port registrations with IPv6.
We can offer up our patches for this work and hopefully things can be combined such that end-users can simply do "vol set <volume> transport-address-family <inet|inet6>" and voila they have whatever support they desire.
I'll see if we can get this posted to bug 1117886 this week.

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Can I contribute to this bug fix ? I've worked on Gluster IPv6 functionality bugs in 3.3.2 in my past organization and was able to successfully bring up gluster on IPv6 link local addresses as well.
Please find my work in progress patch. I'll raise gerrit review once testing is done. I was successfully able to create volumes with 3 peers and add bricks. I'll continue testing other basic functionality and see what needs to be modified. Any other suggestions ?

Brief info about the patch:Here I'm trying to use "transport.address-family" option in /etc/glusterfs/glusterd.vol file and then propagate the same to server and client vol files and their translators.
In this way when user mentions "transport.address-family inet6" in its glusterd.vol file, all glusterd servers open AF_INET6 sockets and then the same information is stored in glusterd_volinfo and used when generating vol config files. -thanksNithin

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