[Gluster-devel] Lease-lock Design notes

Soumya Koduri skoduri at redhat.com
Tue Jul 21 13:20:48 UTC 2015

On 07/21/2015 02:49 PM, Poornima Gurusiddaiah wrote:
> Hi Shyam,
> Please find my reply inline.
> Rgards,
> Poornima
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>> 1. Yes, it is intentional.  The internals of gluster should be able to
>> lease-lks.  We discussed using them in the read ahead translator and the
>> write behind translator.
>> 2. This has been discussed, and proposed, but there is actually a need for a
>> lease fop also, because clients can request the "renewal" or "reinstatement"
>> of a lease.  (Actually for Samba having it all be one call and atomic is
>> very interesting.)
>> 3. This I can't answer... I haven't been in the most recent discussions.  But
>> the intent of this work, when I started, was to be useful to the whole of
>> Gluster, not just Samba or Ganesha.
>> Thanks,
>> -Ira
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>>> Hi,
>>> I have some questions or gaps in understanding the current lease design,
>>> request some clarification on the same.
>>> 1) Is there a notion of a *gluster* client holding a lease on a file/dir?
> Yes, a lease is granted to a gluster client on a file, dir is not yet implemented, but is on cards.
> The lease can be requestd from any xlator, and is granted for the whole client.
>>> - As per your Barcelona gluster summit presentation the client side
>>> caching needs this notion
>>> - DHT/EC/AFR can leverage such a lease to prevent eager or any form of
>>> locking when attempting to hold consistency of data being operated on
>>>     - Please note that this requires not each xlator requesting and
>>> holding the lease, but a *gluster* client holding the lease, assuming
>>> that one can do local in memory locking to prevent different
>>> fd/connection/applications performing operations on the same file
>>> against the *same* gluster client and not have to coordinate this with
>>> the brick
Apart from the in memory locking (for different fds) which you have 
mentioned, the other complexity involved here (which I can think of atm) 
is that unlike existing inodelk/entry_lk locks, leases can be recalled 
and revoked by server. We need to consider the amount of time needed by 
each of these xlators to finish their tasks(may include re-acquiring 
locks) before they send recall_lease event to their parent xlators. Or 
(as already mentioned in the NFS protocol), we need a way to let server 
increase the recall_lease timeout dynamically if the client is 
diligently flushing the data which I think is doable. But the switch 
between leases<->locks sounds racy :)

That said as Poornima has mentioned below, currently we have started 
with requesting & handling leases at application layer. Later we shall 
explore more on having a client-side xlator to handle leases and cache 

>>> I see some references to this in the design but wanted to understand if
>>> the thought is there.
> The initial thought of having leases in Gluster was to support Multiprotocol access,
> aprt from this another use case we saw was, having a Gluster client cache xlator
> which caches taking leases. Yes, DHT/EC/AFR also could leverage leases, but i m not
> sure if leases can replace eager locks.
>>> IOW, if an NFS client requests a lease, Ganesha requests the lease from
>>> Gluster, in which case the gfapi client that requested the lease first
>>> gets the lease, and then re-leases it to Ganesha, now Ganesha is free to
>>> lease it to any client on its behalf and recall leases etc. as the case
>>> may be and the gluster client does not care. When another gluster client
>>> (due to Ganesha or otherwise (say self heal or rebalance)) attempts to
>>> get a lease, that is when the lease is broken all across.

>>> Is my understanding right, is the design along these lines?
> Yes, that is right, any conflicts between its(ganesha/Samba) clients should be
> resolved by the Ganesha/Samba server. Gluster server will handle the conflicts
> across gluster clients.
>>> 2) Why is the lease not piggy backed with the open? Why 2 network FOPs
>>> instead of 1 in this case? How can we compound this lease with other
>>> requests? Or do you have thoughts around the same?
>>> Isn't NFS and SMB requesting leases with its open calls
> Our initial thought was to overload lk call to request for lease, and also
> support open+lease. But the problems with fd based leases were:
>   - Doesn't go well with the NFS world, where handles are created and
>     delegations are granted followed by multiple open/read/write/close
>     on that fd. Hence lease is more conveniently associated with handles
>     than fds, in NFS.
>   - Anonymous fds are used by NFSV3 and pnfs to maintain statelessness,
>     aonymous fds means there is no open fd on the file, the backend opens
>     read/writes to the file and closes. These anonfds makes it harder to get
>     the lease conflict check right, and we may break leases when it is not
>     necessary.
>   - The lease might have to live longer than fd (handle based leases, i.e.
>     when persistent/durable handles will be used instead of fd).
> That said, we could even now overload open call to request for lease,
> but it will be associated with the inode and the client and not the fd,
> for the above said reasons.
>>> 3) If there were discussions around some designs that were rejected,
>>> could you also update the document with the same, so the one can
>>> understand the motivation behind the current manner of implementing leases.
> Yes sure, we are updating the leases.md, will send it at the earliest.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Shyam
>>> On 04/16/2015 07:37 AM, Soumya Koduri wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> Below link contains the lease-lock design notes (as per the latest
>>>> discussion we had). Thanks to everyone involved (CC'ed).
>>>> http://www.gluster.org/community/documentation/index.php/Features/Upcall-infrastructure#delegations.2Flease-locks
>>>> Kindly go through the same and provide us your inputs.
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Soumya
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