[Gluster-devel] Huge memory consumption with quota-marker

Vijaikumar M vmallika at redhat.com
Wed Jul 1 15:41:38 UTC 2015


The new marker xlator uses syncop framework to update quota-size in the 
background, it uses one synctask per write FOP.
If there are 100 parallel writes with all different inodes but on the 
same directory '/dir', there will be ~100 txn waiting in queue to 
acquire a lock on on its parent i.e '/dir'.
Each of this txn uses a syntack and each synctask allocates stack size 
of 2M (default size), so total 0f 200M usage. This usage can increase 
depending on the load.

I am think of of using the stacksize for synctask to 256k, will this mem 
be sufficient as we perform very limited operations within a synctask in 
marker updation?

Please provide suggestions on solving this problem?


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