[Gluster-devel] Skip regression run for "work in progress" patch.

Sachin Pandit spandit at redhat.com
Thu Feb 12 07:35:46 UTC 2015


Whenever we send out a patch for review, Jenkins parses the necessary
information and triggers the regression build for the same. Do we have
a mechanism (a keyword) which indicates Jenkins to skip the regression run.
If not, can we have a mechanism to skip the regression run for "work in
progress" patch.

If any developer thinks that patch he is sending out is not ready, but
he wants to send the patch anyhow so that his peers can take a look,
then he can add "WIP" or "Work in Progress" at the start of the commit
message of the patch. Looking at that keyword, Jenkins can skip a regression

Please provide your valuable inputs.

Best regards,
Sachin Pandit.

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