[Gluster-devel] Next planned build for Gluster 3.7

Kaleb Keithley kkeithle at redhat.com
Thu Dec 31 11:48:17 UTC 2015

> Hi All,
> Just wondering when the next planned build for Gluster 3.7 is?

I don't really know. Soon?  3.7.x releases are supposed to happen every month, on the 30th.

The November 8 release of 3.7.6 was ostensibly the Oct 30th release, so we missed making a Nov. 30th release.

> bug-1276907 is a blocker for anything arbiter related on the current PPA
> version but looks to have been fixed in late November, so hoping a build
> is planned soon so we can start using that feature.

PPAs are built after releases. People are certainly free to build their own packages incorporating any patches that they need in the interim.



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