[Gluster-devel] CentOS 7: Gluster Test Framework testcases failure

Justin Clift justin at gluster.org
Thu Sep 25 21:29:45 UTC 2014

On 25/09/2014, at 9:28 PM, Lalatendu Mohanty wrote:
> Have we published somewhere which distributions or OS versions we are running regression tests ? if not lets compile it and publish as this will help community to understand which os distributions are part of the regression testing.

The best we have so far is probably this:


> Do we have plans to run regression on a variety of distributions? Not sure how difficult or complex it is to maintain.

The primary OS at the moment is CentOS 6.x (mainly due to it
being the primary OS for GlusterFS I think).

Manu and Harsha have been going through the regression tests
recently, making them more cross platform in order to run on
the BSDs.

This effort has also highlighted some interesting Linux
specific behaviour in the main GlusterFS code base, and led
to fixes there.

In short, we're all for running the regression tests on as
many distributions as possible.  If Community members want
to put VM's or something online (medium-long term), I'd be
happy to hook our Jenkins infrastructure up to them to
automatically run tests on them.

Is that kind of what you're asking? :)

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