[Gluster-devel] Issue using quota with SSL support

Jeff Darcy jdarcy at redhat.com
Mon Sep 22 13:57:59 UTC 2014

> It looks like this doesn't work as quota tries to create a temp mount which
> fails hence the above error. quota acts as a local client for glusterd
> (IIUC) and since we have the gluster volume enabled for SSL it fails the
> mount hence limit-usage fails.

hen SSL is enabled, *all* mounts must use it.  That includes internal
ones, such as NFS/Samba, quota, or any form of snapshots.  We could add
"dual mode" support, allowing both SSL and non-SSL connections to the
same bricks, but in many cases that would defeat the purpose of having
strong authentication in the first place.

This is a bug, plain and simple.  The quota volfile-generation and/or
connection code needs to be fixed to honor the SSL options (including
those that control SSL on the management path as well as the I/O path).

Longer term, maybe we need a more bullet-proof abstraction.  Instead of
making calls to connect to entity X using method Y, we should just make
a connection to X and the RPC code will internally select the
appropriate method.  The same abstraction will also be necessary when we
implement proper multi-network support, so that the RPC code can choose
the right address/route from among several for the same resource.

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