[Gluster-devel] RENAME issues in Geo-replication

Aravinda avishwan at redhat.com
Fri Sep 19 08:39:31 UTC 2014

Hi All,

Summarized the RENAME issues we have in geo-replication, feel free to 
add if I missed any :)

GlusterFS changelogs are stored in each brick, which records the changes 
happened in the brick. Georep will run in all the nodes of master and 
processes changelogs independently. Processing changelogs is in brick 
level, but all the fops will be replayed on mount.

In changelog internal fops are not recorded. For RENAME case only RENAME 
is recorded in hashed brick changelog(DHT's Internal fops like creating 
linkto file, unlink is not recorded)

We need to start working on fixing these issues to stabilize the 
Geo-replication. Comments and Suggestions welcome.

Renamed file falls into other brick
Two bricks(distribute)
RENAME f1 f2  -> f2 falls in other brick

Now race between b1 and b2

In b1 CREATE f1

In b2 RENAME f1 f2

Issue: Actually not an issue. Georep sends stat with RENAME entry ops, 
if source itself is not their in slave then Georep will create the 
target file using the stat.
We have problem only when RENAME falls in other brick and file is 
unlinked in master.

Possible fix: ?

Multiple Renames

RENAME f1 f2
RENAME f2 f1

f1 falls in brick1 and f2 falls in brick2, changelogs are

RENAME f2 f1

RENAME f1 f2

Issue: If Brick 1 changelogs executed first and then Brick 2, Slave will 
have f2.

Possible fix: ?

Active Passive switch in georeplication
Setup: Distribute Replica

In any one of the replica,
RENAME recorded in Passive brick, when Active brick was down. When 
Active brick comes back it becomes active immediately.

Passive Brick

Active Brick
MKNOD (From self heal traffic)

Two issues:
1. If MKNOD is for sticky bit file, MKNOD will create sticky bit file in 
slave(renamed file), old named file will be their. Two files with same 
GFID, one old file and other one sticky bit file(target name).

2. If MKNOD is actual file, MKNOD will create new file in slave. Slave 
will have old file as well as new file with same GFID.

Possible Fix: If a node failed previously, do not become active, 
continue with current Passive.(Don't know yet how to do this, as of now 
depending on node-uuid we are deciding to become Active/Passive)

RENAME repeat - If two replica bricks are active

 From one brick it processes,
RENAME f1 f2

 From other brick it processes same changelogs again,

RENAME f1 f2

Issue: Slave will have both f1 and f2 with same GFID.
Possible fix: modify MKNOD/CREATE to check disk gfid first and then 
create the file. EEXIST when a file exists with same gfid but different 


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