[Gluster-devel] [Gluster-users] Proposal for GlusterD-2.0

Krishnan Parthasarathi kparthas at redhat.com
Thu Sep 11 08:55:45 UTC 2014


I think using Salt as the orchestration framework is a good idea. 
We would still need to have a consistent distributed store. I hope
Salt has the provision to use one of our choice. It could be consul
or something that satisfies the criteria for choosing alternate technology.
I would wait for a couple of days for the community to chew on this and
share their thoughts. If we have a consensus on this, we could 'port'
the 'basic'[1] volume management commands to a system built using Salt and
see for real how it fits our use case. Thoughts?

[1] basic commands - peer-probe, volume-create, volume-start and volume-add-brick


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> > On 11/09/2014, at 2:46 AM, Balamurugan Arumugam wrote:
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> > > WRT glusterd problem, I see Salt already resolves most of them at
> > > infrastructure level.  Its worth considering it.
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> > 
> > Salt used to have (~12 months ago) a reputation for being really
> > buggy.  Any idea if that's still the case?
> > 
> I heard from various presentations about that due to zeromq 2.x issues.  With
> zeromq 3.x, its all gone.  But we could explore more on stability point of
> view.
> > Apart from that though, using Salt is an interesting idea. :)
> > 
> Yes.  I came across Salt currently for unified management for storage to
> manage gluster and ceph which is still in planning phase.  I could think of
> a complete requirement of infra requirement to solve from glusterd to
> unified management.  Calamari ceph management already uses Salt.  It would
> be the ideal solution with Salt (or any infra) if gluster, ceph and unified
> management uses.
> Regards,
> Bala
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