[Gluster-devel] How does GD_SYNCOP work?

Krishnan Parthasarathi kparthas at redhat.com
Thu Sep 11 04:41:54 UTC 2014


The scheduling of a paused task happens when the epoll thread receives a POLLIN event along with
the response from the remote endpoint. This is contingent on the fact that the call back must issue
a synctask_wake, which will trigger the resumption of the task (in one of the threads from the syncenv).
In summary, the call back code triggers the scheduling back of the paused task.


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> On Wed, Sep 10, 2014 at 05:32:41AM -0400, Krishnan Parthasarathi wrote:
> > Let me try to explain how GD_SYNCOP works. Internally, GD_SYNCOP yields the
> > thread that was
> > executing the (sync)task once the RPC request is submitted (asynchronously)
> > to the remote endpoint.
> > It's equivalent to pausing the task until the response is received. The
> > call back function, which generally
> > executes in the epoll thread, wakes the corresponding task into execution
> > (ie. resumes task execution).
> I suspect this is the problem: the task is not scheduled. NetBSD uses poll
> and not epoll,
> which may explain the problem. Where does the task scheduling happens in
> epoll code?
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> Emmanuel Dreyfus
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