[Gluster-devel] [Gluster-users] Please test GlusterFS 3.6.0 beta3 on OSX!

Harshavardhana harsha at harshavardhana.net
Thu Oct 23 07:01:26 UTC 2014

> [2014-10-22 22:28:40.765585] I [MSGID: 100030]
> [glusterfsd.c:2018:main]
> 0-/usr/local/Cellar/glusterfs/3.6.0/sbin/glusterfs: Started running
> /usr/local/Cellar/glusterfs/3.6.0/sbin/glusterfs version 3.6.0beta3
> (args: /usr/local/Cellar/glusterfs/3.6.0/sbin/glusterfs
> --volfile-server=bne-gback --volfile-id=/prodbackup /prodbackup)
> [2014-10-22 22:28:40.766567] E [mount_darwin.c:93:gf_fuse_mount]
> 0-glustefs-fuse: sysctlbyname() returned error: No such file or
> directory
> [2014-10-22 22:28:40.766593] E [xlator.c:425:xlator_init] 0-fuse:
> Initialization of volume 'fuse' failed, review your volfile again

Do you have osxfuse installed? brew must have missed out on that dependency?

On 10.10 i was able to get mount easily

I just tried a 'release-3.6' branch

# df -h /tmp/gfs
Filesystem            Size   Used  Avail Capacity iused    ifree
%iused  Mounted on
glusterfsd at osxfuse0  233Gi   28Gi  204Gi    13% 7505563 53479779   12%

Also i was able to do some basic i/o.

Let me know what else you find on your end.
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