[Gluster-devel] Help needed with ec xlator reviews

Xavier Hernandez xhernandez at datalab.es
Mon Oct 20 09:49:07 UTC 2014


I've some patches pending for review. Most of them have at least +1 and are 
ready to be merged into the target branch. Currently I'm working on a patch 
for 1152902 that has conflicts with them. Instead of adding dependencies and 
lose a lot of time rebasing and updating patches, I would prefer to merge 
existing ones and then be able to push a clean patch without dependencies.

The pending patches are:

for master:

    http://review.gluster.org/8882/ - has +1, but +2 on release-3.6
    http://review.gluster.org/8905/ - has +1
    http://review.gluster.org/8916/ - most important for removing dependencies

for release-3.6:

    http://review.gluster.org/8883/ - has +2
    http://review.gluster.org/8902/ - already merged on master
    http://review.gluster.org/8906/ - has +1



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