[Gluster-devel] [Gluster-users] glusterfs-3.5.3beta1 has been released for testing

David F. Robinson david.robinson at corvidtec.com
Mon Oct 6 17:05:29 UTC 2014

You are correct... Typo on my part.  It happened when I installed 
I'll file the bug report so that fuse installation is dependent on attr 
being installed... Thanks...


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>On Mon, Oct 06, 2014 at 02:30:11PM +0000, David F. Robinson wrote:
>>  When I installed the 3.5.3beta on my HPC cluster, I get the following
>>  warnings during the mounts:
>>  WARNING: getfattr not found, certain checks will be skipped..
>>  I do not have attr installed on my compute nodes. Is this something 
>>that I
>>  need in order for gluster to work properly or can this safely be 
>These checks are done in the /sbin/mount.glusterfs shell script. One of
>the things it does, is preventing users from mounting a volume on a
>sub-directory of a brick.
>It is not required to have 'attr' installed on clients that mount a
>Gluster volume, but it surely is recommended for most users.
>This change introduces the warning:
>- http://review.gluster.org/5931
>   mount.glusterfs: getopts support and cleanup
>However, I do not think this is in glusterfs-3.5.3beta1. You probably
>have installed a glusterfs-3.6.0 beta on this particular client system.
>I think this is a bug in the packaging. It would be much user friendly
>to depend on 'attr' and get it installed with glusterfs-fuse. Please
>check the version you are using and file a bug for this:
>>  David
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>>  Subject: [Gluster-users] glusterfs-3.5.3beta1 has been released for 
>>  >GlusterFS 3.5.3 (beta1) has been released and is now available for
>>  >testing. Get the tarball from here:
>>  >- 
>>  >
>>  >Packages for different distributions will land on the download 
>>  >over the next few days. When packages become available, the package
>>  >maintainers will send a notification to this list.
>>  >
>>  >With this beta release, we make it possible for bug reporters and
>>  >testers to check if issues have indeed been fixed. All community 
>>  >are invited to test and/or comment on this release.
>>  >
>>  >This release for the 3.5 stable series includes the following bug 
>>  >- 1081016: glusterd needs xfsprogs and e2fsprogs packages
>>  >- 1129527: DHT :- data loss - file is missing on renaming same file 
>>  >multiple client at same time
>>  >- 1129541: [DHT:REBALANCE]: Rebalance failures are seen with error 
>>  >" remote operation failed: File exists"
>>  >- 1132391: NFS interoperability problem: stripe-xlator removes EOF 
>>at end
>>  >of READDIR
>>  >- 1133949: Minor typo in afr logging
>>  >- 1136221: The memories are exhausted quickly when handle the 
>>  >which has multi fragments in a single record
>>  >- 1136835: crash on fsync
>>  >- 1138922: DHT + rebalance : rebalance process crashed + data loss + 
>>  >Directories are present on sub-volumes but not visible on mount 
>>point +
>>  >lookup is not healing directories
>>  >- 1139103: DHT + Snapshot :- If snapshot is taken when Directory is
>>  >created only on hashed sub-vol; On restoring that snapshot Directory 
>>  >not listed on mount point and lookup on parent is not healing
>>  >- 1139170: DHT :- rm -rf is not removing stale link file and because 
>>  >that unable to create file having same name as stale link file
>>  >- 1139245: vdsm invoked oom-killer during rebalance and Killed 
>>  >4305, UID 0, (glusterfs nfs process)
>>  >- 1140338: rebalance is not resulting in the hash layout changes 
>>  >available to nfs client
>>  >- 1140348: Renaming file while rebalance is in progress causes data 
>>  >- 1140549: DHT: Rebalance process crash after add-brick and 
>>  >start' operation
>>  >- 1140556: Core: client crash while doing rename operations on the 
>>  >- 1141558: AFR : "gluster volume heal <volume_name> info" prints 
>>  >random characters
>>  >- 1141733: data loss when rebalance + renames are in progress and 
>>  >from replica pairs goes down and comes back
>>  >- 1142052: Very high memory usage during rebalance
>>  >- 1142614: files with open fd's getting into split-brain when bricks 
>>  >offline and comes back online
>>  >- 1144315: core: all brick processes crash when quota is enabled
>>  >- 1145000: Spec %post server does not wait for the old glusterd to 
>>  >- 1147243: nfs: volume set help says the rmtab file is in
>>  >"/var/lib/glusterd/rmtab"
>>  >
>>  >To get more information about the above bugs, go to
>>  >https://bugzilla.redhat.com, enter the bug number in the search box 
>>  >press enter.
>>  >
>>  >If a bug from this list has not been sufficiently fixed, please open 
>>  >bug report, leave a comment with details of the testing and change 
>>  >status of the bug to ASSIGNED.
>>  >
>>  >In case someone has successfully verified a fix for a bug, please 
>>  >the status of the bug to VERIFIED.
>>  >
>>  >The release notes have been posted for review, and a blog post 
>>  >an easier readable version:
>>  >- http://review.gluster.org/8903
>>  >-
>> >http://blog.nixpanic.net/2014/10/glusterfs-353beta1-has-been-released.html
>>  >
>>  >Comments in bug reports, over email or on IRC (#gluster on Freenode) 
>>  >much appreciated.
>>  >
>>  >Thanks for testing,
>>  >Niels
>>  >
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