[Gluster-devel] Coverity scan metrics and update.

RAGHAVENDRA TALUR raghavendra.talur at gmail.com
Fri Feb 28 05:27:34 UTC 2014


In the first two weeks of February, we started the task of fixing defects
by coverity. Here are some observations from that:

Fixed/Resolved bugs: ~150
New bugs found in subsequent coverity scan: ~30
Total patches that had got merged between two scans: ~70

Outstanding defect count is 478.

We have now classified source code under various components/modules
in coverity so that it becomes easy to keep track of code quality in
modules that you might be interested in.

Until we have a static analysis as part of gerrit review,
let us visit https://scan.coverity.com/projects/987 once in a while and
ensure no new defects are creeping in !

*Raghavendra Talur *
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