[Gluster-devel] GlusterFlow (GlusterFS Analytics) 0.02

Justin Clift justin at gluster.org
Thu Feb 6 10:36:32 UTC 2014

On Thu, 06 Feb 2014 01:12:37 -0800
Joe Julian <joe at julianfamily.org> wrote:

> I said it in IRC, and I'll repeat it here. This is amazingly cool.

Thanks. :)

Going to work on getting it multi-node capable and a bit more
cleaned up/useful over the next few days.  Travelling back home
to London from Ghent atm though, so prob not much happening today.

> I can even think of ways that I can use the heat maps I saw Jordan 
> demonstrating in kibana with this.

Interesting.  Hadn't seen that.  I'll see if I can find a demo or
some such to get an idea of how it works. :)

+ Justin

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