[Gluster-devel] Puppet-Gluster+ThinP

Paul Cuzner pcuzner at redhat.com
Wed Apr 9 22:18:04 UTC 2014

I'm really interested in the thinp best practices too. gluster-deploy has had thinp support for a while now - and I asked the question about best practices a while back - but nothing came back.. 

Hopefully - you're timing is better than mine! 

cc'ing Rajesh since the thinp is all about snapshot enablement. 

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> Sent: Thursday, 10 April, 2014 3:13:40 AM
> Subject: [Gluster-devel] Puppet-Gluster+ThinP

> Okay,

> Here's a first draft of puppet-gluster w/ thin-p. This patch includes
> documentation updates too! (w00t!)

> https://github.com/purpleidea/puppet-gluster/tree/feat/thinp

> FYI: I'll probably rebase this branch.
> FYI: Somewhat untested. Read the commit message.

> Comments welcome :)

> I'm most interested to hear about if everyone is pleased with the way I
> run the thin-p lv command. I think this makes the most sense, but let me
> know if anyone has improvements. Also I'd love to hear about what the
> default values for the parameters should be, but that's a one line
> patch, so no rush for me.

> Cheers,
> James

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