[Gluster-devel] rpm.t on release-3.5 in Rackspace

Justin Clift justin at gluster.org
Tue Apr 29 04:30:14 UTC 2014

Hi Kaleb,

Investigating a failure in rpm.t on Rackspace, in release-3.5
branch (but not master).

Noticed something interesting while looking.  (May not be related
to the problem).  In rpm.t there's this:

  # build for the last two Fedora EPEL releases (x86_64 only)
  for MOCK_CONF in $(ls -x1 /etc/mock/*.cfg | egrep -e 'epel-[0-9]+-x86_64.cfg$' | tail -n2)

Is that trying to target EPEL 5 & 6?

It seems to be getting EPEL 6 & 7:

  $ ls -x1 /etc/mock/*.cfg | egrep -e 'epel-[0-9]+-x86_64.cfg$' | tail -n2

Weird failure that I'm seeing aside, should this be updated to
target EPEL 5-7 instead of "last two" EPEL releases?

+ Justin
Open Source and Standards @ Red Hat


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