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No worries, Rajesh. 

Without --xml we're limiting the automation potential and resorting to 'screen scraping' - so with that said, is --xml in plan, or do you need an RFE? 

Brickpath's changing and loss of history presents an interesting problem for monitoring and capacity planning - especially if the data is lost! As an admin this would be a real concern. Is this something that will evolve, or is this just the flipside of using dm-thinp as the provider for the volume/snapshots? 

The other question I raised was around triggers for autodelete. Having a set number of snapshots is fine, but I've seen environments in the past where autodelete was needed to protect the pool when snapshots deltas were large - i.e. autodelete gets triggered at a thinpool freespace threshold. 

Is this last item in the plan? Does it make sense? Does it need an RFE? 



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Sorry Paul for this late reply. 

As of now we are not supporting --xml option. 

And restore does change the brick path. Users using their own monitoring script need to be aware of this scenario. 
RHS monitoring will monitor the new bricks once restored, but the history related to older brick might be lost. 

Sahin: Would you like to comment on the monitoring part of the question? 

Thanks & Regards, 

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having seen some of the demo's/material around the snapshot cli, it raised a couple of questions; 

Will --xml be supported? 

The other question I have relates to brick names. On a demo video I saw the brick names change following a 'restore' operation (i.e. vol info shows different paths - pointing to the paths associated with the snapshot.) 

Is this the case currently, and if so does this pose a problem for monitoring? 


Paul C 

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