[Gluster-devel] Growing concern about regular testcase failures

Harshavardhana harsha at harshavardhana.net
Wed Apr 2 18:52:53 UTC 2014

> I've been running the regression tests in several different
> environments, and some of the tests are very sensitive.

Regression tests should be more stricter in their behavior, otherwise
we have no way of knowing what is a stable patch. In future when we
have 1000's of test cases - it could so happen that we will end up
with a merged unstable patch.

> Test 65 of quota.t is a known bug (3.5 blocker).  Varun is
> aware of it:
>   https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1077159

This is one bug which hits at random for pretty much any unrelated
patch, if test case failure is the issue are we even sure quota is
working as expected?

> The rpm.t one is likely something to do with the environment,
> (eg no tty), as when I run it manually it's fine.  Haven't
> gotten up to investigating it properly yet, but will soon.

I agree since these are using pretty much a lot of RHEL/Fedora specific tools.

> The most difficult thing so far has been the lack of logging
> for stdout and stderr.  Everything useful seems to be redirected
> to /dev/null instead of $TESTNUM.log (or $TESTNUM.stdout &
> $TESTNUM.stderr).  With the exception of rpm.t that is, which
> has an optional DEBUG=1 flag.
This can be indeed modified by redirection, let me see what i can do.

> Also non-great is not being able to effectively debug bash
> scripts.  eg set breakpoint, step, step, check variable, aha!
> problem found, (etc).  But, that's not as critical as the
> lack of logging.
This would be hard to do, but we can implement a way to using
'abrt-cli' to print a backtrace back to the "original patch" as
comment. Since i don't have access to these systems, i wouldn't know
how to do.

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