[Gluster-devel] calculating brick quorum from glusterd

Raghavendra Bhat rabhat at redhat.com
Thu Sep 12 05:54:31 UTC 2013


As of now whenever a cli command is executed, all the glusterds will try 
to do the corresponding changes to their respective bricks. It would be 
better if glusterd can check whether the quorum (useful especially for 
afr replated operations) has been met, for some volume operations.

One way to handle this is, in the stage phase of the op, when the 
originator glusterd will broadcast the stage op to all the glusterds,  
the remaining glusterds will send the information about whether the 
bricks running in that machine are up or not. The originator glusterd 
will collect the information sent by other glusterds and will check 
whether the quorum has been met or not.

This can be used by some features such as snapshots where when snapshot 
cli command is issued, glusterd will fail the snapshot if quorum is not met.

Please provide the feedback.

Raghavendra Bhat

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