[Gluster-devel] Idea: gluster volume "clear" command for xattrs?

Robert Hajime Lanning lanning at lanning.cc
Thu Mar 28 21:22:59 UTC 2013

On 03/27/13 22:26, Justin Clift wrote:
> Had a quick thought.  Would a gluster volume command to
> remove all of the xattr's from a brick be useful?
> e.g. "sudo gluster volume clear /path/mybrick1"
> It would remove all Gluster xattr's on the brick, letting it
> be used in a new volume.
> Pretty much exactly what we're giving people manual
> directions for, with setfattr -x [xattrs here] /path/mybrick1.
> Except people commonly have problems with the setfattr
> approach, so we end up having to step them through it
> manually on IRC until it works.
> Worthwhile?  (note, "clear" was a first idea for a
> reasonable name, can be anything. :>)

I would expect this to be an option to the remove brick command.
You would never do this, without removing the brick from the volume.

If there is no volume, then I would expect it to be manual steps, as it 
is today.

Mr. Flibble
King of the Potato People

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