[Gluster-devel] Glusterd: A New Hope

Alex Attarian u2sashko at gmail.com
Mon Mar 25 18:44:37 UTC 2013


where do you get the idea that I'm against glusterd? I'm perfectly fine
with 3.x versions, those are still maintainable. But if you want to add
Zookeper now, on top of Java requirement, where is it going to end? Yes
re-inventing is not the best thing, but sometimes it can be much worse to
add a 3rd party component with some strenuous requirements than
re-iventing. Right now things are very easy to maintain in any of the 3.x
versions, right inside glusterd. Why not keep that? Even all these other
functionalities that others want and you really want to implement for
scalability and flexibility, they could all be built with your cluster on
gluster solution.

I really don't want to worry about Zookeeper or Doozer when I run gluster.
Can we at least consider that approach?

On Mon, Mar 25, 2013 at 11:18 AM, Jeff Darcy <jdarcy at redhat.com> wrote:

> On 03/25/2013 12:44 PM, Alex Attarian wrote:
>> Adding more complexity means only making it a nightmare for
>> administrators.
>> I've said this times and times and I will say it again, your
>> documentation has
>> always been bad, out of respect I'm not calling it shit. If you had taken
>> your
>> time and grabbed a random admin and watched him set up a system, you
>> would've
>> cried for him. Until this day I don't understand why you haven't taken
>> the time
>> to sit down and write a good documentation so more people can use gluster.
>> Instead what happens is people come look at the site, look at the docs and
>> examples, and run away.
> Look, I'm not here to solve a documentation problem.  I've done more than
> any other developer on that front already.  I'm also not here to explain
> the difference between the GlusterFS community project and the Red Hat
> Storage product, or enumerate the features that *people have demanded*
> which make the project more complex.  Wrong forum, wrong time, maybe wrong
> guy.  I'm trying to solve a specific set of technical problems in a
> component that most of our users appreciate.  Being able to form a cluster
> and export a volume with three commands from one CLI (probe, create, start)
> is not something we're going to throw away.  People who want to build its
> equivalent themselves are a tiny minority insufficient to sustain the
> project.
> If you disagree with the very idea of having glusterd, then *we have
> nothing to talk about*.  If you appreciate the infrastructure it provides,
> if you want to make that infrastructure as robust and scalable and
> convenient to use as possible, then by all means share your ideas or
> opinions on ideas that have already been presented.  The other users who
> have participated constructively don't deserve to be crowded out of the
> conversation
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