[Gluster-devel] Glusterd: A New Hope

Joe Julian joe at julianfamily.org
Sun Mar 24 17:02:08 UTC 2013

On 03/24/2013 01:43 AM, Stephan von Krawczynski wrote:
> Read the list ... almost nobody ever complained about that. Instead the list is full of people
> searching for the best (i.e. optimized) _content_ of the volfiles for their
> respective setup. So the automated distribution of the vol-files does not help
> the majority at all.

No, but there was nobody around to answer those questions. No help, no 
support. You were either an expert, or you found another solution.

> I accept there may be a small minority for this, and maybe they paid for it.
> But the main problem with glusterfs is that it does not detect the best setup
> of translators _by itself_. So if you want to really help people create a
> vol-file-creator that spits out the best possible configuration for a
> user-defined setup by asking _few_ _easy_ user questions.
You accept there may be a small minority? Please reference the surveys 
you're utilizing to determine what the userbase wants.

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